Logie Country House: 10 Things You Will Love About This Wedding Venue

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Logie Country House.

I love this place.

Both my boyfriends sister and his best friend got married here, in back to back weddings last year.

It really was a fortnight of fun for me, which included my boyfriend doing a best man speech.

He was actually really funny; but don’t tell him that!

Now I know choosing a wedding venue is exciting, but it can also be challenging.

So to give you a little bit of help, I thought I would list 10 things I think you will love about Logie Country House.

Here we go.

1. Logie Country House Location

Logie Country House Location, Wedding Venues Scotland

Nestled at the foot of Bennachie, a mere 16 miles west of Aberdeen, Logie Country House occupies the most picturesque rural location.

It’s proximity to the city, allows shuttle runs to be completed in short periods of time.

Handy if you are transporting lots of wedding materials backwards and forwards.

And also gives you the benefit of a tranquil country location.

For those of you who enjoy hill walking, Oxen Craig, the highest peak at Bennachie stretching to 528m, gives incredible views over the royal burgh of Inverurie and surrounding areas.

Some of the other peaks offer great views of Logie Country House too.

2. Logie Country House Privacy

Logie Country House Privacy, Wedding Venues Scotland

The privacy you experience at Logie Country House, is the biggest selling point as far as I’m concerned.

Your wedding party enjoys complete exclusivity over the entire venue, for the duration of your stay.

Imagine you, your family, and your friends, relaxing in this fortified castle for 4 days and 3 nights.

The house has a self contained guest wing, with five bedrooms and its own sitting rooms and kitchen.

For added privacy, you can close this area off from the main house, creating a nice little haven.

3. Logie Country House Accommodation

Logie Country House Accommodation, Wedding Venues Scotland

Where do I start?

Built in the 1670’s and extended in the 1700’s, Logie Country House was virtually destroyed by fire in 1975.

Undergoing a complete restoration in 2009, you now have all the charm of an ancient building, with all the convenience of modern facilities.

No less than 32 guests can sleep comfortably in this 13 bedroom mansion.

Antiques and paintings are scattered throughout the building, and the house is full of exciting corridors and passages.

There is also a 50 guest dining room in the main house, which can be used for smaller weddings or as a social room for your overnight guests.

4. Logie Country House Facilities

Logie Country House Facilities, Wedding Venues Scotland

This is where it starts to get interesting.

Logie Country House comes with its own private swimming pool.

Fancy a quick dip on the morning of your wedding. I know we did.

In addition to this, there are two outdoor hot tubs, one of which looks onto the front lawn, and the hills in the distance.

We spent hours in these, at both weddings I was at.

If water isn’t your thing, there is a private cinema, and an endless supply of flat screen televisions and games consoles.

Dvd’s and games included.

There’s SKY, the Internet, underfloor heating, open fire places; the list goes on!

5. Logie Country House Kitchens & Dining Room

Logie Country House Kitchens & Dining Room, Wedding Venues Scotland

What could be better than one luxury kitchen?

Two luxury kitchens!

Every appliance you could possibly need is on hand, including two very convenient dishwashers.

At my boyfriends sisters wedding, we had the legendary Jock and Alison serving up the most delicious food.

The 50 seater guest dinning room is available, if you fancy having something more formal.

However we spent most of our time huddled in the kitchen.

6. Logie Country House Ballroom

Logie Country House Ballroom, Wedding Venues Scotland

Directly opposite the main house, you will find the Logie Country House ballroom.

A short walk across the courtyard for the bride, in case its raining.

Originally the old stable blocks, the building has been transformed into a beautiful ballroom.

Here you can have the ceremony, and seat 150 guests for dinner.

There is also an awesome bar, where you can buy the best man a drink after his speech.

The building is air conditioned, sound proofed, and can be reduced in size, should you want something more intimate.

7. Logie Country House Staff

The award winning Hudsons will be handling your catering at Logie Country House.

I have sat down to two of their dinners, and can honestly say their food and service is second to none.

The brilliant events manager Gillian, strikes the perfect balance between being friendly and approachable, whilst running a tight ship.

Gillian can also be brought in to help you plan every aspect of your wedding, from flowers to transportation.

The house manager Florin, is always there to lend you a helping hand.

He will welcome you to the house on your arrival, and is on call for the duration of your stay, should you need him.

A very discreet and helpful person, I can vouch for that; he is another wonderful asset to Logie.

Really just a brilliant group of people, who bend over backwards to make your whole experience at Logie Country House perfect.

8. Logie Country House Courtyard

Logie Country House Courtyard, Wedding Venues Scotland

Completely enclosed, the beautiful courtyard at Logie Country House can be used for wedding ceremonies.

Marquee tents are available, to give you peace of mind against the elements.

For both my boyfriends sisters and his best friends weddings, we had great Sunday BBQ’s out here.

You have the place for four days, so you might as well keep the celebrations going!

The main kitchen opens out into the courtyard area, making food delivery that much easier.

There is also all the BBQ equipment ready to go.

9. Logie Country House Grounds

Logie Country House


Originally 7,542 acres, the Logie Country House estate is now a more manageable 130 acres.

The south facing lawns look over the river Urie, with a private island and hidden tree house accessed via a nice wooden bridge.

The ancient woodlands are filled with wild flowers and red deer.

If you keep your eyes peeled, you may even spot some otters or birds of prey.

There are also three standing stones, carved with Pictish symbols to be found.

10. Logie Country House Master Suite

Logie Country House Master Suite, Wedding Venues Scotland

If you think the bedroom looks nice, you should see the bathroom!

Duck down bedding, check. Egyptian cotton sheets, check.

An incredible room with incredible views, but also perfect for bridal preparation.

Bridesmaids, makeup artists, hair dressers, photographers; you name it, there’s room for everyone.

A secret rear staircase also leads down to the swimming pool and the kitchen.

What more could you want?!

Bonus: Logie Country House Bar

Logie Country House Bar, Wedding Venues Scotand

After writing this article, Gillian invited me back to Logie Country House, to take a few extra pictures.

Always generous with her time, she gave me the full tour, including a stop at the newly installed beer taps.

My boyfriend and I were treated to a few sample beers, the perfect addition to the fantastic weather that day.

It was then I realised that the bar at Logie Country House, just had to be added to the list!

Logie Country House Conclusion

Logie Country House Aston Martin, Wedding Venues Scotland

I’m sure there will be 100 things you will love about Logie Country House.

However hopefully my list of 10, will help you with your wedding venue decision.

My back to back wedding weekends here were filled with fun and happiness.

One thing I know for sure, if you do choose Logie Country House, you’ll be glad you did.